MEDAD Library Services Platform

MEDAD Library Services Platform (MEDAD LSP) offers a cloud of integrated services that enables your library to manage and make available its physical, digital, and electronic holdings through a single portal providing your patrons a unified user experience and journey, enabling your library to keep up with the expectations and needs of today’s tech-savvy users

MEDAD LSP provides a wide range of features for library patrons and facilitates increased efficiency and productivity for library staff, while delivering optimal analytical tools for library administrators to plan and make informed and timely decisions, thanks to a trusted and reliable technology architecture and ecosystem, native web interfaces, microservices, containers, and continuous integration

Through a single cloud platform MEDAD LSP enables you to offer cutting-edge services to your patrons, simplify workflows, and provide superior capabilities for library staff

Full Integration with the Arabic Union Catalog

MEDAD Library Services Platform is the only platform that’s fully integrated with the Arabic Union Catalog (, ensuring your seamless access for your library to all AUC records. With MEDAD cloud LSP you can:
  • Perform single or batch copy cataloging from the AUC into MEDAD cloud LSP without the need to use import/export functionality.
  • Perform Original cataloging and authority control of the access point directly from MEDAD cloud LSP interface using your MEDAD cloud LSP credentials.
  • Utilize AUC ready-built cataloging templates for all types of items (as part of the original cataloging).
  • Enhance authority records based on the AUC’s electronic Authority control records.
  • Ability to build local items into the AUC Database for better visibility of your library’s local collection to a wider network of libraries.
  • Benefit from Quality assurance procedures by the AUC team – within 3 working days –  for original and/or modified copy cataloging by the AUC team.
  • Save time and efforts of your library staff and increase productivity, while ensuring quality source of supply directly from the AUC.


MEDAD LSP provides reliable technology for fully managing the library’s operations and its resources. No other system today offers this integrated approach in automating library operations!


MEDAD Cloud LSP can be integrated with countless applications whether inside or outside your organization,


The applications are easily linked to each other, so you can choose the applications, develop them, or adjust their workflow

AUC Support

From within MEDAD LSP librarian can directly search, select and download MARC records from the Arabic Union Catalog

User Interface Kit

Libraries or developers can take advantage of the User Interface Kit to create new user interfaces as needed.

API and Message Bus

(OOKAPI) is an APIs gateway that manages communications between the application interface and supports HTTPS.


Freedom of Choice of Discovery Service Evenly integrate with your preferred e-resources discovery service

Arabic Collections

Arabic Collections as Part of Your Discovery Unparalleled support for the Arabic language within the search and discovery experience.

Mobile and Mobility

Flexible access through web or mobile, which means freedom of access anytime, anywhere, any device!

How Artificial intelligence Offers an Incredible Experience For Your Patrons?
MEDAD Virtual Assistant is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) based service, that enables your library to interact with patrons through an easy-to-use chatbot using their smartphones or PCs. The virtual assistant responds to inquiries automatically, whether they are related to a reference or related to the library, mostly without any interference needed from your library staff.
  • Reference service using an AI ChatBot.
  • Database containing more than 400 reference questions and answers.
  • 24/7 patrons assistance without human intervention.
Unprecedented Strong Partnership with Arabic libraries

For over thirty years Naseej has been working with all types & sizes of libraries throughout the Middle East, hand in hand, to develop their services and their ability to serve their patrons and society, during which Arabic libraries were among the first civil institutions to adopt digital transformation.

Today once again Arab libraries are the pioneers of adopting cloud technologies and managed software, which allows them to allocate their scientific and specialized human resources to better serve researchers and patrons, by freeing them from the constraints of traditional library services. All while proving the vital role of the library in managing and dissemination of knowledge and empowering students and researchers.

It’s hard for a single organization to provide programming, operational, and security capabilities that compete with those provided by cloud-managed solutions providers, thus many organizations and enterprises (even big ones) now turn to managed services

MEDAD Library Services Platform includes the following Components:

  • Library Management (LIM)
    • Cataloging
    • Circulation
    • Acquisition
    • ERM
    • Library OPAC
    • RESTful API Bundle
  • Virtual Library Assistant (VLA) AI Chatbot Reference Service Database with More Than 400 Reference Questions and Answers 24/7 Patrons Assistance Without Human Intervention
  • Digital Assets Management (DIA)
    • Managing Digital Objects Whether Text or Audio-Visual
    • Full Text Search
    • Document Viewer
    • Photo Gallery
  • Library Portal (LPR) Search Library Catalog Search Electronic Resources Search Digital Repository Search Other Systems that Support Global Protocols
  • BI
    • More than 60 Ready-Made Reports Compatible with The Library Environment
    • Usage Reports for All Library Resources
    • Staff Performance Reports
    • Custom Reports