Strategic Planning & Budgeting

A Platform that Leverages Technology for Higher Education
to Support Institutional Performance, Quality and Efficiency

A higher education institution’s success depends on how effectively it implements its strategic plan. At MEDAD, we support successful implementation through an innovative framework that brings your strategic plan to life.

MEDAD’s strategic planning system ensures a sustainable approach to planning that builds relationships, aligns the institution with its stakeholders, and supports an ongoing process of institutional change, While equipping the institution with the capability to monitor its progress and measure its achievements.

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At MEDAD, strategic planning is built on five pillars:

As a dedicated strategic planning system for higher education institutions, MEDAD improves institutional quality and promotes the accomplishment of the institution’s mission. Our integrated planning approach aligns higher education plans both vertically (from mission to operations) and horizontally (across units and schools).

MEDAD’s strategic planning provides a path for the institution to follow to achieve its desired future, through a comprehensive, innovative strategic planning, budgeting, and performance management and reporting solution.


  • Planning tools and techniques
  • Strategic plan components
  • Participation and collaboration
  • Resources allocation and alignment

  • Reports on achievement
  • Assessment, KPIs and metrics
  • Accountability and improvement
  • Communication and transparency