Institutional Effectiveness Platform (IEP)

A Platform that Leverages Technology for Higher Education
to Support Institutional Performance, Quality and Efficiency

MEDAD Institutional Effectiveness Platform (IEP) caters for the needs of higher education institutions by combining key institutional effectiveness functions in one comprehensive platform

in one platform

MEDAD IEP is an institution-wide effectiveness platform that supports ongoing, integrated and research-based planning, evaluation and assessment processes, and enables a systematic review of the institutional mission, goals, outcomes and initiatives for continuous improvement.

Use MEDAD IEP to gain a clear and comprehensive picture of your institution’s performance … and more!
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    Improve institutional performance and effectiveness.
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    Support ongoing planning, assessment and evaluation.
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    Assure educational quality and continuous improvement.
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    Enhance student success and prepare future graduates.
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    Demonstrate compliance and achieve accreditations.
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    Ensure data-driven decision making and accountability.


Comprehensive offering of solutions to higher education
Adaptable to varying needs without compromising overall capability
All functions are integrated within a centralized platform
Integrated with LMS, SIS and other campus systems
Easy to Use
Designed to be transparent, intuitive and simple
Automated processes, workflows, collections, calculations and more
Cutting Edge
Modern and in line with the global trends in education Tech
Seamless data analysis and reporting

At MEDAD, we are committed to:

Quality in implementation
Excellence in customer service
Knowledge development and sharing
Customer care and support

MEDAD Consultancy Services

Consultancy copy
A platform alone is not enough
MEDAD offers the following consulting services to academic institutes:
  • Strategic & Operational Planning
  • Academic Plans & Curricula
  • Accreditation Advisory & Support
  • Institutional Research & Assessment
  • English Preparatory Year Program
  • Student Enrollment, Success & Retention

At Naseej, our vision is to focus on being a true partner to our customers. We achieve this vision by offering our customers access to in-depth expertise and knowhow in higher education, with a commitment to quality and excellence. MEDAD Higher Education Consultancy Services draws on a diverse pool of internal and external experts and consultants to provide to our customers regional and international proven practices, tips and advice.