MEDAD Education Cloud Platform is a cloud service platform that is managed using best practices and global systems.

It provides universities and educational institutions with the key systems they need:

  • An initiative to support Digital Transformation in Educational Institutions
  • Provides all main systems to digitize operational processes in education institutions under one integrated platform
  • A cloud service managed with best international practices and subject to utmost security and operational excellence standards.
  • Information Library System
  • Digital Assets Repository
  • Virtual Reference Desk
  • Search and Discovery
  • Scientific Research
  • Learning Mgmt.
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Learning Objects Repository
  • ePortfolio
  • ERP
  • Student Information
  • Auto Scheduling
  • Recruiting
  • Business Applications Builder
  • Alumni and Placing

Benefits to Academic Institutions


Available around the clock with up to 99.97% uptime



Modern architecture supported by artificial intelligence and big data technologies


Great capital cost savings in equipment, infrastructure, and operational cost


Connect and integrate with local services and government platforms like YESSER and payment gateways



Ensuring fast and successful implementation based on best practices and past experiences


Operational services to support institutions in improving their performance efficiency while ensuring a guaranteed SLA



Local cloud infrastructure provides flexible expansion capabilities to handle seasonal requests for applications such as peak registration and exams periods without incurring significant ongoing additional costs


Ensuring higher levels of security for the services provided and protecting them from penetration and information leakage



Available to clients with an annual subscription model that allow them to choose the systems and services they desire, with competitive prices, and high-quality support, training, operation services