Learning Management Platform (LMP) – V2

MEDAD Learning Management Platform
Provides a unique eLearning environment and a secure, cost effective, and reliable platform to keep your Learning programs running at peak performance

MEDAD Learning Management Platform Objectives

  • Making learning available for all learners
  • Keeping up with the latest teaching methodologies and applications
  • Offering a unified teaching portfolio in its electronic form with seamless and central updating facility
  • Delivering an interactive learning content by adding enriching materials, such as graphics, simulations, audio and video to boost students’ learning capability.
  • Going beyond the constraints of time and space.


Learning Environment

MEDAD’s core Learning Environment provides students with various course packages and enables instructors to develop courses seamlessly.

Key Benefits

Administration tools

Student progress
Analytical reports


SCORM package
Course management
Building learning units
Learning outcomes

Evaluation and polling tools

Attendance tracking
Quizzes and exams
Grade book

Collaboration and communication tools

Instant messaging

Learning Objects Repository

MEDAD Learning Objects Repository enables storage of learning units and objects classified according to globally recognized standards, including Dublin Core, CANCore, and IEEE LOM.

Key Benefits

  • Secure user-friendly digital repository compatible with your eLearning environment.
  • Ability to Store, archive, and manage courses and learning units.
  • Ability to export instructors’ components directly into the learning platform.
  • Ability to redevelop and back up earlier course versions, so that course content versions are always available.

Students ePortfolio

With MEDAD ePortfolio, students and educators can share their learning achievements and build their CV’s.

Key Benefits

  • Bibliographic data and links are created for research and articles published by students and faculty staff in journals and blogs.
  • Students’ and faculty staff CV’s are built with authority rights.
  • Builds academic and research experience and information for both students and faculty.
  • Secured digital repository for storing faculty and students outputs.
  • Providing students and faculty with access to projects and research papers for reviews and feedback.
  • Enabling social communication among student

Virtual Classrooms

With MEDAD Virtual Classrooms, universities can conduct unlimited online virtual classes in an engaging learning environment. Innovative tools enable instructors to execute their learning objectives through interactive channels. Instructors can record the sessions and post them later as part of the course syllabus.

Key Benefits

  • Support for public and private chats.
  • Support for PDF and MS Office files.
  • Inclusion of whiteboard, with cursor, zoom, and drawing tools.
  • Support for audio-video conferencing sessions.
  • Enabling live session capture.
  • Ability to Enable/disable student engagement remotely, and creation of resting rooms.
  • Ability to use smartphones or tablets for virtual classrooms’ login

Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics provides a comprehensive overview of the learning outcomes and supports faculty and administration on their strategic decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Enabling an overall view of various campus activities.
  • Analyze student behavioral and developmental data.
  • Allowing faculty to manage students learning paths.
  • Enabling logged in users to access courses and results.

Mobile Learning

With Mobile Learning , learners can access courses anytime, anywhere from their smartphones and tablets.

Key Benefits

  • Enabling direct enrollment using smartphones (with the ability to incorporate online payments when required)
  • Allowing users to login anytime and anywhere to access learning content.
  • Enabling students to view and download content of any learning unit.
  • Enabling faculty to view student activities and to grade them in any learning unit.
  • Support for text editor in forums and uploading of assignments.
  • Enabling file uploading to student’s private folders.
  • Enabling online communication for students and faculty, with easy access to notifications and messages.

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