Document & Meeting Management

A Platform that Leverages Technology for Higher Education
to Support Institutional Performance, Quality and Efficiency

Document Management

MEDAD IEP’s central document repository serves as a shared central location to house documents. Benefits of the document repository include:
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  • All assessment, planning and accreditation-related documents are stored in one place.
  • Security privileges control the ability to upload and access files.
  • Documents such as meeting minutes, reports, decrees, survey results and other items can be shared with colleagues and accreditation reviewers.
  • Each document type has a required searchable field (such as ID, expiry date, tags) with the ability to sort.
  • The repository can be organized independently, with folders and subfolders.
  • The repository reduces the need to send email attachments, which can get buried in email accounts.
  • Documents can be shared among different departments and units.
  • Documents can be accessed while on the go, wherever users have internet access.

Meeting Management

Create meetings, add details and agendas, attach files, track members, and record meeting minutes and actions.

  • Meeting planner:

    Plan, organize and track meetings. Meeting organizers can manage details such as meeting type and subject, venue or location, schedule (date and time) and agendas.

  • Members management:

    The system provides the ability to track member attendance and record visiting members.

  • Meeting outcomes:

    Meeting actions/tasks/outcomes can be created, assigned and tracked, with status updates.

  • Minutes of meetings:

    The system enables different users to collaborate in preparing the minutes of a meeting. A workflow process will be implemented to manage the approval of the minutes. Documents and other files can be attached to the meeting minutes.