Accreditation Management & Program Review

A Platform that Leverages Technology for Higher Education
to Support Institutional Performance, Quality and Efficiency

Accreditation Management

MEDAD IEP makes accreditation management straightforward by giving universities and colleges a powerful framework and tools for managing national and international accreditation processes in one centralized accreditation management system.

MEDAD accreditation system offers a proprietary, automated workflow management framework that mirrors the actual process of accreditation, from planning, writing and analyzing the responses, to channeling the approval of the response through the various stakeholders in the institution, to formulating action plans for improvement.

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  • Create self-study reports anytime

    MEDAD IEP is equipped with powerful reporting tools to help you create various types of self-study/review reports of extraordinarily high quality.

  • Scoring tools and gap analysis

    Useful gap analysis tools help you to track your progress in real time against each standard/criterion of accreditation before starting the accreditation process.

  • Complete and flexible accreditation process, from planning to improving

    • Compliant with various accreditation bodies.
    • Provides preloaded, customizable national and international accreditation standards.
    • Allows flexibility to upload any needed accreditation standards.
    • Offers seamless integration with other existing campus systems.
    • Grants Accreditation management at the institutional and program levels.
    • Generate gap analysis, dashboards and reports.
    • Promote collaboration within and across the institution.
    • Centrally manage, organize and store evidence for accreditation.
    • Create tasks and committees, and assign responsibilities.
    • Link and align data, reports and documentation with standards.
    • Assign reviewers internally and externally.
    • Offers Help, notifications, approvals and tooltip.
    • Manage improvement projects and action plans.
Standards, Narrative, Evidence, Compliance, Committees, Self-assessment, Reviewers, Timeline, Collaboration, Permissions, Planning, Collection and Evaluation, Tracking, Reporting

We make the accreditation path simple for you.

Program Review

A program review process for continuous quality improvement

MEDAD IEP provides a systematic process for collecting, organizing and reporting of data relating to an academic program.  The system unifies and streamlines the review process to evaluate the program’s status, effectiveness and progress, and helps to identify the program’s future direction, needs and priorities in order to demonstrate continuous improvement.

At MEDAD IEP, we also empower you with a tool for managing and articulating all your action plans for further development and improvement of your academic program—all within the platform.

The system also provides a centralized document repository for each program and a workspace to facilitate collaboration at the program level.

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The program review system pulls together the key elements that are included in MEDAD IEP:
  • A review of the program action plans recently completed.
  • Assessment of student learning outcomes results.
  • Faculty information and activities.
  • Program evaluation results.
  • Qualitative evaluation and narrative.
  • Attached documentation.

MEDAD IEP program review process helps to:

  • Ensure quality and excellence of academic programs.
  • Provide a streamlined process for reviews.
  • Provide evidence for continuous quality improvement.
  • Strengthen planning and decision making based on data.